AC48V - 101mm Apollo Seiko Robotic Soldering Tips DN / DCN Series Iron Cartridge

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip is high quality robotic soldering iron tip designed for the use of automated soldering machine. The soldering tips can make the robots get the most out of automated soldering, working stable and low faulty soldering joints. providing increased output and quality through a repeatable robotic process.



Model Number: DN series / DCN series

Brand Name: Apollo Seiko

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Material: Oxygen-free copper purity >99.95%

Lead Time: 1~2 Weeks

Apllication: For all Apollo Seiko soldering robot

Advantage: Up to 300 degree centigrade in 6 seconds

Free samples available + Custom-made service available + Perfect after-sales service.


*Designed to meet Lead free soldering requirements.

*A high precision thermocouple is built in to the Top of the iron tip, a minimal temperature drop can be quickly detected and recovered, temperature can reach 300° C within 6 seconds.

*Quick change cartridge type iron provides for consistent location and height adjustment with each tip change.

Standard Models

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-PAD/PDS Series

DN-08PAD03-E08; DN-10PAD03-E08; DN-13PAD05-E15; DN-16PAD06-E15; DN-20PAD07-E15; DN-24PAD08-E15; DN-30PAD10-E30; DN-40PAD10-E30; DN-50PDS-E40; DN-60PDS-E40; DN-80PDS-E50

DN-08PAD03-B08; DN-10PAD03-B08; DN-13PAD05-B15; DN-16PAD06-B15; DN-20PAD07-B15; DN-24PAD08-B15; DN-30PAD10-B30; DN-40PAD10-B30; DN-50PDS-B40; DN-60PDS-B40; DN-80PDS-B50

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip DN-PDZ Series

DN-13PDZ08-EZ15; DN-16PDZ12-EZ15; DN-20PDZ14-EZ15; DN-24PDZ16-EZ15;DN-30PDZ20-EZ30;DN-40PDZ24-EZ30;DN-50PDZ35-EZ40

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tip DN-GDV Series

DN-10GDV07-EZ10; DN-13GDV08-EZ15; DN-16GDV10-EZ15; DN-20GDV14-EZ15; DN-24GDV14-EZ15; DN-30GDV17-EZ30; DN-40GDV17-EZ30; DN-50GDV17-EZ40; DN-60GDV23-EZ40

DN-10GDV07-BZ10; DN-13GDV08-BZ15; DN-16GDV10-BZ15; DN-20GDV14-BZ15; DN-24GDV14-BZ15; DN-30GDV17-BZ30; DN-40GDV17-BZ30; DN-50GDV17-BZ40; DN-60GDV23-BZ40; DN-80GDV52-BZ50

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-GAV Series

DN-20GAV14-EZ15; DN-24GAV17-EZ20; DN-30GAV21-EZ30; DN-40GAV28-EZ30

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-PCA/PCS Series


Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-PCZ Series

DN-20PCZ10-BZ; DN-24PCZ12-BZ; DN-30PCZ14-BZ; DN-40PCZ16-BZ; DN-50PCZ24-BZ

Apollo Seiko DN-KAA Series

DN-16KAA45-B; DN-20KAA45-B; DN-24KAA45-B; DN-30KAA45-B; DN-40KAA45-B; DN-50K45AS-A

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-RDD Series

DN-20RDD-B20; DN-24RDD-B20; DN-30RDD-B20; DN-40RDD-B20; DN-50RDD-B20

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-PAH Series

DN-14PAH08-F-AZ; DN-20PAH13-F-AZ; DN-26PAH18-F-AZ; DN-32PAH22-F-AZ; DN-40PAH30-F-AZ

Apollo Seiko Soldering Tips DN-PSW Series

DN-16PSW08-F-AZ; DN-22PSW11-F-AZ; DN-30PSW15-F-AZ