Weller LT series soldering tip is applicable for WSP 80 / WP 80 Soldering Pencil. Approved heating technology with effective heat transfer, For all purpose industrial applications, a wide range of soldering tips are available.

Weller LT Series Tips for WP/WSP80/FE75 Soldering Irons

  • Weller soldering tips are designed at Weller German R & D Center to meet the very latest requirements of the market. 
  • Every Weller tip is designed for a specific soldering application. 
  • Weller's soldering tip and heater from a unit and therefore a perfect heating system to produce high quality solder joints. Combined with the right soldering iron to form the perfect tool. 
  • Every Weller tip is designed to achieve excellent heat transfer and fast recovery time, so as to ensure perfect solder results.

Weller LT Series Soldering Tips